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Carpet and Rug Cleaning in New Rochelle

Do you have an oriental, persian or antique rug in your home? If you do, then you know just how beautiful these rugs are. They add a special touch of warmth to every room to turn hard floors into inviting spaces for entertaining and living. If you have one of these high quality rugs then you will be pleased to know that with the right care and upkeep, these rugs can last for generations.

We know how much of a hassle it can be to get your rugs washed and cleaned. If you're like most people then you may tend to entirely avoid the fact that your rugs need to be cleaned and just get used to the fact that you're living on dirty rugs. There's absolutely no need to live with dirty rugs any longer because we at Carpet and Rug Cleaning New Rochelle are here to make your experience easy and seamless.

If you're worried about how to transport such a large rug, there is no need to worry about that. Our cleaning services include a pick-up service. We will come to your home at no additional cost to you to transport your rugs to our cleaning facilities. Our facilities are 100% insured and our team is highly qualified in the rug cleaning industry. Contact us at 914-303-9064 to set up an in-home appointment today!

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Expert Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Not only are our facilities 100% insured, but our expert team has over 70 years of combined cleaning experience in the rug and carpet industry. This fact paired with the fact that our customer service is always excellent and satisfactory should relieve all of the stress that you were feeling about leaving your rugs in the hand of a stranger.

We know how important it is to get your rugs cleaned at a reasonable price. No one wants to spend a fortune while getting their rugs and carpet cleaned. This is why we work hard to keep our prices low by customizing the cleaning processes that your unique rug needs. This ensures that your rug doesn't undergo any extra or unnecessary processes, and that you are given exactly what you need at the best price possible.

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Customized Rug Cleaning, Repairs and Restoration New Rochelle

We are dedicated to providing you with the best cleaning services and that's why we only offer customized hand washing processes. Throwing your rug into a machine is never the answer and will almost always leave it damaged and compromised.

If your rug has seen a lot of life and foot traffic then it is totally normal for it to more than specialized cleaning. We also offer rug restoration and repairs! Don't throw your old rug out, let us take a look!

If your rug has tears and rips, we offer restoration services such as restitching, reweaving and fringe work. We can even work with color fading and restore your rug to its newness again.

Residential Wall-to-Wall Carpet Cleaning

Maybe you don't have rugs, but you have a houseful of carpets that have seen better days. If your carpet has seen foot traffic from children and pets, then it most likely has stains and odors that are not pleasant.

If you're tired of the stains and ready to get all the dirt and grime out, then you'll be pleased to know that we offer residential wall-to-wall carpet cleaning.

We bring our services into your home so that you can experience our excellent cleaning techniques at an affordable and reasonable price.


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